One Year Vet Check

Since you all are new to Theo’s story, it’s important to share that he wasn’t dealt a great hand when it comes to his health. We have had some serious scares with GI problems, one that sent him to the ER for a night with severe dehydration. Theo has been on a limited ingredient, grain free, gluten free, soy free, corn free diet for almost 6 months and takes a daily probiotic. It finally seems like we have his stomach under control, but I am always nervous. That’s why his one year check-up at his vet was so important.

We were really lucky to have found an amazing partner with Rittenhouse Veterinary in Philadelphia. Despite drawing blood, two shots, and a scary tabletop, Theo made it through his appointment with only one cry. Unfortunately the side effects to his two shots were a bit stronger than expected, but nothing out of the ordinary. He has been having a tough time with stairs, and hasn’t been able to sit, but his spirits are high and he’s been loving all of the attention!

BarkBox Review

I had been hesitant to give in to BarkBox. Theo already gets another subscription box quarterly, and he chews up toys so quickly; I didn’t think it would be worth it. I was wrong! The appeal of getting a box delivered monthly is that Theo can happily chew up the toys in the box, and he’ll have more arriving soon! The box came with two toys, two bags of treats, and one long chew. This month’s theme was a Luau.

The pineapple was filled with a squeaky ball instead of stuffing, so Theo enjoyed tearing off the outer fabric and still had a toy to play with. The Tiki pull toy was sturdy enough to play tug with! The treats smell great, taste great, and were cute flavors: “Cow-abunga” and “Coconut Shrimp“. The soft chew lasted longer than expected and didn’t upset Theo’s stomach. I was very excited about this box and am looking forward to seeing what theme they choose for next month!

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Spring has Sprung

Hunting for easter eggs can be a great way to celebrate a holiday while also taking the opportunity to train your dog and stimulate him! Theo slowly worked his way up to sniffing out his first treat filled egg that I then placed in his basket, to running out to grab the rest and placing them in his basket all on his own. Once all of his eggs were found he sat patiently to get a treat. Hiding games are a great way to teach your pup and can keep him occupied for hours. Test his memory and his sense of smell all while looking extra cute!

Pupjoy Review

I ordered Pupjoy’s quarterly delivery of their box, and Theo is now convinced any package that arrives at our house is for him! Pupjoy lets you build your own box and customize it for your dog’s needs, from his size, to his chewing strength.cc9fedaec5fd4fc09add854f1f90e6af.png

We’ve received a few boxes now,  and Theo’s favorite part is by far the treats. I try to give him grain free/high protein treats to keep him trim. The steak jerky has been a huge hit! He gets a little piece every time he comes in from doing his business, and a whole chunk if he’s been a good boy (which is always, but I’m biased).


Some of the toys did not survive Theo’s chompers, not because they weren’t sturdy enough, but because Theo is a sneaky devil and pulls toys apart at the seems by biting threads until the whole toy falls apart. Luckily there is always a super sturdy toy that can survive even Theo. His favorite is the Can Toy. I fill it with treats and he goes to town for the next hour trying to chew through the tough rubber to get to the toy. It’s still standing after 8 months!

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PrideBites Review

CapturePrideBites allows dog owners to easily and affordably customize toys, treats, beds, and other human products with your pup’s name and even a cute drawing of his face, which they provide for free. There are always sales and discounts on products, and a great rewards program for their loyal customers!

If your dog is anything like Theo, then you’ll understand how quickly we go through toys in our household. It doesn’t take long until there is a hole in the fabric and stuffing flying all over the room. Even the so-called “indestructibles” are no match for Theo’s chompers. I was hesitant, to say the least, to purchase a toy online without being able to feel it first and make sure it was worth it.


For his birthday, PrideBites sent a great discount code. Falling right before Christmas, I purchased the Gingerbread Man, hoping this would keep Theo from crying each night as I tried out new cookie recipes (to no avail, but he is nothing if not his mother’s child). The toy arrived quickly, and just in time for Christmas! I was immediately surprised by how sturdy the toy was. Theo goes right for seams and threading and pulls them out, but the foam stuffing made it tricky to get his teeth around! Its march and is still alive, unlike most of his other Christmas gifts.

I would highly recommend these toys, even to a strong chewer!

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